The Game World

This article reflects an Arcitan, Human perspective. Other races and cultures may have different beliefs, but they are incorrect and blasphemous.

Six thousand years ago the earth as men know it was shaped by God. With His only son Arcite crucified and The Six Wicked Emperors of Man spreading the black craft of Thalopus across the world, God sent a mighty ruin to mankind, turned the cities of the wicked to salt, burned the sinners, and utterly destroyed the southern hemisphere of the earth, where now lies a howling equatorial range of frozen mountains which separates man from the nothingness beyond.

God & Magic

There is only one God, He who created and watches over mankind, who gave the life of His only son for the sins of man. All magic comes from God, either directly through divine magic, or indirectly through Ocular magic. God limits the scope of magical power he gives to man. Ocular spells above 5th level are not available, and divine spells are limited at 6th level.

Any magic that seems more powerful than this threshold is either an illusion or the result of some Thalopun or daemonic pact.

The Planes

In this world, the planes do not exist as they do in the standard D&D cosmology. While there are a few overlapping realms which seem in many respects like separate planes (see the Fae Realms, the Thanasphere and the Clearing), they are not, and all are accessible from the earth by mundane (which is not to say common) means.

Heaven and Hell exist, but only the souls of the departed ever see them.

The Game World

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