Albinus' First Quest

Albinus of Petron is dubbed Knight Errant and assigned a task by his Lord. Customarily, until this task is complete Albinus may not refuse any request for help. Members of the entourage are announced, but there is confusion when one member proves absent as his name is called—Ringour d’Benecourp. Ringour has sent a letter and some gifts including an enchanted scabbard in lieu of his presence, but the slight to Albinus is great. The ceremony continues.

As Albinus’ first quest, the Lord of Blitheburc send the party to the Barony of his nephew, Knight Dragoon Ilbert de Toeni, where news of increased crime and unrest are emanating. The Lord fears that the protracted absence of authority in the town has attracted malcontents and lawbreakers. The nephew himself (and much of his retinue of men-at-arms) is currently indisposed in service of the King, supplementing a force sent to subjugate Ogru incursions in the Gailann. Albinus and his entourage are to help the Bailiff and restore order to the town.

The PCs leave at first light for the Burgh of Littany, 2½ days ride to the southeast.

On the way, the party discovers the body of a young peasant girl by the road. After some investigation, they discovered that a malicious nixie has slain the girl and attempted to frame a young druid named Pers. The PCs slew the Fae and saved Pers from the wrath of the villagers.

The party also learned that a “young physician” matching Ringour’s description had passed through recently, and had advised the peasants in their burial practices.


My unabridged session notes may be found here.



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