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Welcome to the homepage for my current campaign.

The slow process of populating these pages with 103,000 words of campaign documents has begun, and shall likely never finish.

If you are a PC in my campaign, please go here, create your character and set it in this campaign.

Please note that RED text links to content that does not yet exist!

Vicissitudes is a homebrew Pathfinder game about goodness, man’s struggle with God, and the mutability of faith. Thematically I’ve lifted a great deal from the Middle English Lays as well as Spenser’s Faerie Queene.

The campaign is focussed on the life and travails of one young Knight, Sir Albinus of Petron. Other PCs serve Albinus as members of his entourage, and the players understand that if Albinus should ever die, the campaign will end.

This campaign is a counterpart to my previous “Evil” game.

The PCs

The current party:
  • Shall Torvill, Human Cleric (missing at sea)


This campaign began as a D&D 3.5 game in June of 2007 and switched to the Pathfinder beta release in August of 2008. As of August 2009 we have been using the final Pathfinder RPG rules.

A note on religious content

This campaign draws heavily from real-world Christianity and the world views commonly held by European Christians in the 13th century. As an atheist and a liberal, I don’t espouse these views myself.

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